The First Friday Round Up for 2017 – 13 January

Happy New Year to all my readers!

I always like to start a new year by reflecting on the one that has just passed. If I had any doubt that 2016 was a busy year, looking back I wrote around 40 feature articles on photography alone for magazines and newspapers around the world!

Some of the stories I wrote for L’Oeil de la Photographie in 2016

Some of the stories I wrote for Pro Photo and also Australian Financial Review

Features I wrote for New Zealand Pro Photographer magazine

On Photojournalism Now I featured more than 100 photographers showcasing a staggering variety of work from around the globe. This week I share some of my favourite posts from last year’s blog – 13 on the 13th  – although everything I post is something that moves me in some way.

Brian Griffin – Capitalist Realism

Brian Griffin, Bureaucracy, London, 1987
Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery, New York

Brian Griffin, Eric Foster, Steel Erector, Broadgate, City of London, 1987

Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery, New York

Brian Griffin, Construction Time Again, Switzerland , 1983
Courtesy Steven Kasher Gallery, New York

Matthew Newton – On Albatross Island

Re-bonding after years at sea alone.

Lauren Fleishman – The Lovers

Muhammed Muheisen – Portraits of Syria’s Child Refugees in Jordan

Rakan Raslan, 11, from Hama. “I used to go to the school back in Hama,” Raslan said. “I used to have friends there. Our home was destroyed in the war and we had to flee to Jordan.” Rakan said that without an education, his future is in doubt. “The best I can become is a driver”.

Mariam Aloush, 8, from Homs. “I remember our home in Syria and my school there. I just want to go back”.

Zahra al-Jassim, 10, from Hama. “I dream of going back to Syria to see my friends Raghd, Halima, and Najwa”.

Barbara Davidson – Caught in the Crossfire


Donna Ferrato – I Am Unbeatable

Sean Gallagher – The Silent Fields – Pesticide Poisoning in Punjab

Andrew Chapman – Giving Life

Dougie Wallace – Harrodsburg

Nick Hannes – Mediterranean: The Continuity of Man
St. Tropez, France

Ibiza, Spain

Sirte, Libya

Gordon Parks – I Am You

California, 1967

Washington, D.C., 1963 

Harlem, New York, 1948

Ruddy Roye – When Living Is A Protest

Justyna Mielnikiewicz – A Diverging Frontier

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