Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – 3rd March, 2017

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up a special edition in celebration of International Women’s Day on 8th March featuring the laureate and finalists of this year’s International Women Photographers Award.

These Awards don’t get the kind of coverage in the media that World Press Photo, POYi and others receive and that’s one good reason to feature them this week. The other, and the most important, is that these Awards demonstrate the amazing work being done by women photographers all over the world. These images will go on show at an exhibition in Dubai which opens on International Women’s Day.

Plus in Melbourne Magnet Galleries hosts its 7th annual women’s exhibition which raises funds for UN Women.

Special Feature:
in celebrating International Women’s Day
The 2017 International Women Photographers Awards


Farah Salem (Kuwaiti)

“Cornered” 2015-2016. Photography, Performance.

Ana Alexandrescu

Anne Ackermann 

Behind Veils and Walls – Female Somali refugees living in exile

Cécile Smetana Baudier (Danish/French)

Mexican Citizens of African Descent 

Florencia Trincheri

Haruhi Fujii

Marcela Barrios-Hernandez (Colombian) France  

ALGERIA, The mysterious giant

Neus Solá (Spanish)
Poupées – identity and freedom of young gypsy girls of the suburb of La Cité of Perpignan  

Ranita Roy
Chhordima, my grandma

Soheila Sanamno
(Rape destroy’s the victim’s future – Roghayyeh is a 26 year old Iranian girl who was raped in her 20’s. This is her story.)

Sumy Sadurni (Spanish)
South Sudanese refugees in Northern Uganda 

Exhibition: Melbourne

GAIA – Group Exhibition of Women Photographers
Magnet Galleries, Melbourne 

(C) Sandra Kontos – Iris

Nineteen women photographers exhibit 65 photographs in the 7th annual Women Photographers’ exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day. Hosted by Magnet Galleries Melbourne, the exhibition is also a fundraiser for UN Women.

(C) Chong Wei Wei – Wisteria

(C) Susanne Silver – Survival 

(C) Judith Crispin – Rosy & the Flame Tree Seedpods

(C) Marisa Ho

(C) Jenny Hodge – Sand

(C) Carmel Riordan

(C) Juno Gemes – Bush Madonna and Child

(C) Amy Feldtmann

Until 25 March
Visit the Magnet site to see when the artists talks are on.

Magnet Galleries
Level 2
640 Bourke Street

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