Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – 29 June 2018

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – Robin Hammond and Elton John team up for an amazing spread in the New York Times, Eugene Smith’s Pittsburgh, and a selection of photographs that have come across my desk that picture climate change.

Reminder: For those in Melbourne, don’t forget to check out Paul Blackmore’s exhibition Australians at Fox Darkroom & Gallery. It was a privilege to open this show last Friday, and to see the images brilliantly printed and hung in one of the city’s best gallery spaces.

(C) Paul Blackmore

Profile: Robin Hammond

Where Love Is Illegal


On 22nd June the New York Times ran a feature, God Knows Us. God Loves Us. Life on the margins in L.G.B.T. Africa with words by Elton John and photography by Robin Hammond, whose vision and commitment to uncovering injustices and giving LGBTQI people a voice, are unwavering. Robin is one of the photographers who has given generously of his time in interviews for my PhD thesis. Totally awesome photographs by an equally awesome human being. Maximum respect. 

Below is an excerpt from the story, which you can read in full here and see more images.

“Visibility, after all, is power. My organization, the Elton John AIDS Foundation, asked the photographer Robin Hammond to take his camera to countries like Kenya and Ghana, where homosexuality is illegal, and to Mozambique, where it is widely condemned, as part of his “ Where Love Is Illegal ” project. By depicting local advocates and by sharing their stories, these images and narratives show that those affected by this epidemic are not evil. In fact, they’re not really any different from anyone else.”

“As an artist, I know that a single photograph can tell a greater truth than a pile of statistics, and there is profound humanity in giving individuals at the margins the opportunity to step into the light. Robin’s images tell the story of struggle and survival, of resilience and empathy, of discrimination and the hard work and advocacy needed to overcome it. These images show us people who seek only to live honestly, openly, with dignity and without fear.” Elton John


Eugene Smith: Pittsburgh – Portrait of an Industrial City 


For those lucky enough to be in Bologna, Italy, check out this comprehensive exhibition featuring 170 of Eugene Smith’s photographs from his portrait of Pittsburgh shot in the 1950s. At the time Pittsburgh was known as the City of Steel and Smith immersed himself in this project over three years, obsessively documenting the influence of industry on the city’s inhabitants. At the end he had almost 20,000 negatives! Lucky he wasn’t shooting digital.

Until September 16, 2018


MAST Gallery Via Speranza 42, Bologna, Italy


The Environment & Climate Change

Cooling Towers West Germany (C) Oliver Berg
Paradise Lost Enakievo, east Ukraine (C) Espen Rasmussen


Stein Gletscher (Glacier) Switzerland, Sept 2006 and below Aug 2015 (C) James Balog



Drinking Water Distribution, New Delhi (C) Adnan Abidi
Nature reclaims. Kolmanskop, Namib Desert Namibia (C) MatthewTurley
Union Beach New Jersey Ghosts of Hurricane Sandy (C) Aristide Economopoulos


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