Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – 6 July 2018

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – Les Rencontres de la Photographie is in full swing in the provincial city of Arles in southern France. Back in Melbourne, a new show for Magnet Docklands and the last week to see Paul Blackmore’s Australians at Fox Darkroom & Gallery.  Plus Head On Photo Festival 2019 is calling for exhibition submissions for next year, and looking for work in any genre across still photography, multi-media and short video.


49th edition of Les Rencontres de la Photographie

This year’s festival looks back to 1968 and forward to consider if and how the sixties climate of resistance and social change is manifesting in the digital age.

Sam Stourdzé, Director of the Rencontres D’Arles says, “Photography is often the best placed medium for registering all the shocks that remind us the world is changing, sometimes right before our eyes. An arts program is an excellent time machine—a constellation of exhibitions, intersecting, interacting and occasionally colliding.

“With the artist’s eye as our aid, and the recent past as our measuring stick, we can discover the near future, and shed some light on the big questions of society today…in the face of the digital revolution and its promises of a post‑human future, we see movements for going back to the basics, like those of 1968. Modern forms of resistance entail a reevaluation of fundamentals.

“More than ever before, attention is paid to food quality and to local and sustainable development. We reinvent ourselves with a different set of values—ecology, spirituality, meditation. Navigating two extremes of belief in man, between transhumanism and collective introspection, we move forward.”

With a lively and eclectic program, this year’s festival is pushing the boundaries of what is considered photography, and also how we tell visual narratives. Here are a few bodies of work that caught my eye.


Marcelo Brodsky :“We are all Migrants”
Courtesy of the Paris Prefecture of Police May 6, 1968 demonstration
Bruno Fulgidi, May ’68 Captured Live

This exhibition documents the year 1968 with work from the archives of the Paris Prefecture of Police, Paris Match and Gamma, Rapho and Keystone agencies.
Until 23 September

Jonas Bendiksen: The Last Testament


In The Last Testament Norwegian photographer Jonas Bendiksen chronicles seven men who all claim to be the biblical Messiah returned. Through Bendiksen’s personal testimonies and intimate portraits, The Last Testament investigates the boundaries of religious faith, and a world in need of salvation, yearning for a new prophet. There’s also a book.

INRI Cristo. INRI are the initials that Pontius Pilate had written on top of Jesus’ cross, meaning Jesus Christ, King of the Jews. Brazil, 2014 | © Jonas Bendiksen/ Magnum Photos
Much like the biblical Jesus was originally a carpenter, Jesus of Kitwe makes a living as a taxi driver. Jesus drives a Toyota Corolla. Zambia, 2015 | © Jonas Bendiksen/ Magnum Photos
Jesus of Kitwe (born Mupeta Chishimba) proselytizing in a market place. Big crowds gather, recording his every word on their mobile phones. Zambia, 2015 | © Jonas Bendiksen/ Magnum Photos

Laurent Nicourt: Maisons de Fortune

In this series French photographer Laurent Nicourt turns the idea of Paris architecture on its head by documenting the temporary shelters of the homeless. Nicourt says “there is no more ephemeral architecture in Paris than these makeshift houses.”

Cosmos Arles Books. Projections screening until 9 July from noon to 8 pm

Vincent Flouret: Maxdonna

No words needed!

Until August 15
L’Agence Arlesienne
26, Place Paul Doumer
13200 Arles

In brief:

Exhibitions: Melbourne

Shane Scanlan: Places by Faces

Vietnam 2012
Vietnam (C) Shane Scanlan

Melbourne photographer and newspaper publisher Shane Scanlan’s show opens at Magnet Docklands this weekend.  Sunday 4.30pm, The District Docklands Level 1, Wharf Street The District. Until 21 July.

Paul Blackmore: Australians

Coober Pedy (C) Paul Blackmore, 1996

Last chance to see Paul Blackmore’s exceptional exhibition at Fox Darkroom & Gallery.

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