Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – 10 May 2019

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up –  International Month of Photojournalism in Padua, Italy and some of the 2019 finalists in the Association of Photographs (AOP) Award. Don’t forget Head On Photo Festival is on in Sydney until 19 May and its 10th anniversary program is just brilliant. Check out the Australian preview here and the Internationals.


International Month of Photojournalism – Padua

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This is the first festival in Italy to solely focus on photojournalism. For those lucky enough to be in Padua this festival offers a marvellous opportunity to see work from around the world by some of the most renowned photojournalists and documentary photographers working today.  

Opening tonight, 10 May, the International Month of Photojournalism (IMP) features 20 curated exhibitions as well as independent shows, along with workshops and various talks, plus portfolio reviews, projections and evening concerts: a wondrous cultural mix as you would expect in Italy. Although it is worthwhile noting that there are few women in the main exhibition lineup, a tedious, recurring fact that really should have gone the way of the dinosaurs by now. 

Festival director Riccardo Bononi says photojournalism today plays an integral role in connecting the world to important stories of conflict and social issues. “Photojournalism is a way to turn anyone into a participant, to make them aware of their own fundamental role even in the most controversial and geographically distant issues.” It is heartening to see that Padua is embracing the didactic capacity of the photograph and its function as evidence. 

Some notable exhibitions include:

Giulia Nausicaa Bianchi – Women Priests Project

Focusing on religious disobedience, this multimedia project addresses the denigration of women within faith traditions.

Claudia Gori – The Sentinels: Electrosensitivity in Italy

This series explores the lives of those who believe Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS) is a global health issue.

Alex Webb – The Suffering of Light

This is the first comprehensive monograph charting the career of acclaimed American photographer Alex Webb.

Thomas Dworzak – Feldpost

Feldpost was the name given to the German military postal system used before, and during, World War I. Over the last seven years, Thomas Dworzak has created an annotated image for each day of the Great War – over 1,500 of them in total – to create a vision of the war which conveys its truly global nature.

Mads Nissen – We Are Indestructible

A narrative on the civil war in Colombia, a story Mads Nissen has been covering for nearly a decade.

Peter Bauza – Enduring Times

A visual investigation into the humanitarian crisis in South Sudan.

Patrick Brown – No Place On Earth

Australian Patrick Brown is also exhibiting and will showcase his new book that stands as a profound testament to the Rohingya genocide, No Place On Earth, which was awarded the FotoEvidence with World Press Photo Book Award this year. On May 12 at 5pm Régina Monfort and David Stuart of FotoEvidence will be in discussion with Brown.

Until 26 May, various venues, International Month of Photojournalism, Padua


Association of Photographs (AOP) Award 2019

Now in its 35th year, the AOP Awards are considered the “Oscars of the photography world” and this year attracted more than 2000 entries across 12 categories. Winners from the 240 finalists will be announced next week on Tuesday 14th May. 

Here is a look at some of the finalists in the photojournalism and environmental categories:

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Until 31 May, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London




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