Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – 19 July 2019

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – the winner and finalists of the Australian Conceptual Photography Prize (Melbourne) and in New York, LIFE: Six Women Photographers. Plus entries are open for the Firecracker Photographic Grant for a female photographer to complete a documentary project. And check out the 2019 recipients for the Women Photograph Grants.

WernerBischofFrida 1954

For some great weekend reading/viewing see Magnum Photos blog post Frida Kahlo’s Final Months which features Werner Bischof’s photographs of this amazing artist made at her home in Mexico City in 1954.

Exhibitions: Melbourne

Australian Conceptual Photography Prize

Self Reflection by Deb Gartland

Self Reflection by Deb Gartland (above) is the winner of the inaugural Australian Conceptual Photography Prize, a new initiative by The Australian Photographic Society. This photograph, plus works by 38 finalists are on show at Magnet Galleries. 

Here are some of the finalists:

Artist selfie by Lunita Quraishi
Artist selfie (C) Lunita Quraishi



The Water Tree by Mieke Boynton
The Water Tree (C) Mieke Boynton
Misty Morning by Linda K Y Wei
Misty Morning (C)  Linda K Y Wei
Haefligers Cottage 2 Hill End (C) Peter Solness
Upstream (C) Mario Mirabile
Curtainwall by Timothy Moon
Curtainwall (C) Timothy Moon

Magnet continues to expand its activities in the world of photography. Check out the fabulous new space at Docklands.

Magnet Galleries 13 Wharf Street (Ground level), The District, Docklands

New York: 

LIFE: Six Women Photographers 


In the nascent years of LIFE magazine, the publication employed six women photographers on staff. Margaret Bourke-White’s now iconic image of the Fort Peck Dam (above) graced the cover of the first issue in 1936.

The exhibition LIFE: Six Women Photographers celebrates the contribution of Bourke-White, Hansel Mieth, Marie Hansen, Martha Holmes, Nina Leen, and Lisa Larsen. More than 70 images including some never published are on show at the New-York Historical Society.


Marie Hansen’s photographs (above and below) from “The WAACs,” LIFE, September 7, 1942 © LIFE Picture Collection, Meredith Corporation. Image courtesy New-York Historical Society.

WACs doing daily calisthenics exercises.

“These pioneering women photographers captured events international and domestic, wide-ranging and intimate, serious and playful,” said Dr. Louise Mirrer, president and CEO of the New-York Historical Society. “At the forefront of history, these photographers enabled the public ‘to see life; to see the world; to eyewitness great events,’ as LIFE founder and editor-in-chief, Henry Luce, described it. We are honored to highlight their work in our Center for Women’s History, where their contributions to photojournalism can shine.”

International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union (ILGWU)
Hansel Mieth, “International Ladies’ Garment Workers: How a Great Union Works Inside and Out,” LIFE, August 1, 1938 © LIFE Picture Collection, Meredith Corporation. Image courtesy New-York Historical Society.
Margaret Bourke-White, “Franklin Roosevelt’s Wild West,” LIFE, November 23, 1936 © LIFE Picture Collection, Meredith Corporation
American Woman's Dilemma
Nina Leen, an unpublished photograph from “American Woman’s Dilemma,” LIFE, June 16, 1947 © LIFE Picture Collection, Meredith Corporation. Image courtesy New-York Historical Society.
Lisa Larsen, unpublished photograph from “Tito as Soviet Hero, How Times Have Changed!” LIFE, June 25, 1956 © LIFE Picture Collection, Meredith Corporation. Image courtesy New-York Historical Society.
Singer Billy Eckstine gets a hug from an adoring fan after his show at Bop City as others look on. The publication of this photograph reportedly damaged Eckstine’s career, and readers wrote in to the magazine expressing their fury.  Photograph by Martha Holmes, Life, April 1950. Photograph: Martha Holmes/Life Picture Collection, Meredith Corporation

Until October 6

New-York Historical Society Museum & Library, 170 Central Park West, NYC


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