Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – 14 February, 2020

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – the winner and finalists in The Independent Photographer Visual Storytelling Contest.  Also, a reminder that the FotoAID bushfire fundraiser – exhibition, auction and conference – is on in Brisbane next week (I’m presenting on the Sunday on visual journalism and entrepreneurship). And entries for the Head On Photo competition close this Sunday 16 February.

Winners & Finalists

The Independent Photographer – January Visual Storytelling Contest

The Independent Photographer is an online magazine that runs monthly photo contests. For this month’s contest for emerging artists the magazine has waived the entry fee for a single image. Deadline 29 Feb. There are cash prizes to be won each month with the winner and 2nd and 3rd place getters afforded the opportunity to have their work exhibited and published in the Talents of the Year issue. 

Visual Storytelling Contest

Award-winning visual journalist and storyteller Ed Kashi, who is also a driving force behind Newest Americans, was the judge for the January Visual Storytelling contest. Entries were received from more than 50 countries and the winner is:

Manel Quiros - 1st Prize.jpeg
(C) Manel Quiros

Manel Quiros for the picture of Shanta (above). This is from the series Banishanta: Living in Solitude, a story about Banishanta, a brothel in Bangladesh. “Shanta is only 9 years old. She was born on Banishanta Island after her mum Khadisha fell pregnant following an encounter with an unknown customer. Girls born under these conditions are often forced to follow the path of sex slavery, while boys ends up working as drug dealers,” says Quiros who wins $1000.

In selecting this photo, Kashi says: “What is so powerful about this image is the combination of powerful graphics, emotive elements and the seeming plea for help of the young girl. There is also something enigmatic and ambiguous about this image, which for me carries even more weight. This is an image that can convey a message but also be open to a variety of interpretations. Aesthetically, it’s very strong and emotionally very powerful.”

David Klammer - 2nd Prize.jpeg
(C) David Klammer

The 2nd Prize of $600 goes to David Klammer for his image “Climate activists running into Garzweiler open brown coal mine – Germany” (above). The 3rd prize of $400 was awarded to Javier Arcenillas for “Maras gang member praying” – San Francisco Gotera Jail, El Salvador (below). 

Javier Arcenillas - 3rd Prize.jpeg
(C) Javier Arcenillas

Congratulations also to the finalists: Dave Tacon, Clara Mokri, Yukiko Sugiyama, Kristof Vadino, Leonardo Perugini, Gianluca Attoli, and Kristof Huf. 

Gianluca Attoli.jpeg
(C) Gianluca Attoli
Kristof Huf
(C) Kristof Huf
Dave Tacon
(C) Dave Tacon
Jakarta Sinking
(C) Kristof Vadino
Clara Mokri
(C) Clara Mokri
Leonardo Perugini
(C) Leonardo Perugini
Yukiko Sugiyama
(C) Yukiko Sugiyama

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