Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – 13 March 2020

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – On Earth at Foam in Amsterdam, a new show for Magnet Galleries in Melbourne and Trailblazers of Light. Also, the annual Art Book Fair opens at the National Gallery of Victoria today and is on over the weekend. At the Fair you can check out this year’s winner of the Australia & New Zealand Photobook Award, Cherine Fahd’s Apókyrphos published by M.33.

Winner: Australia & New Zealand Photobook 2020

Cherine Fahd’s Apókyrphos


Apókyrphos features 24 found photographs of Fahd’s grandfather’s funeral in 1975, captured by an unknown family friend. Apókyrphos is described by publisher M.33 as “a deeply moving study of the ways in which grief and mourning are visualised, experienced and witnessed…Through annotations, footnotes and redacted text Fahd forensically yet intimately guides the reader through the mysteries of the event captured, offering a literary response to the photographs and to the unknown status of the photographer. Apókryphos continues Fahd’s interest in the book as artwork.”

In awarding Apókyrphos the first prize the judges said this is “a sophisticated book with an exceptional and original structure, clear fruit of a close collaboration with the designer. Through playful deconstruction of compelling visual elements, a complex narrative on grief and mourning arises, making us look beyond the superficial to discover poignancy in the trivialities of everyday life.”

I saw some of this work on show at CCP, and it’s fascinating. Well worth checking out the book at the M.33stall at the Fair. To see more images from the book, watch the video and discover the finalists in this year’s Awards presented by Momento Pro visit the website.

Later in the year, The Finalists exhibition hits the road. This is one of the perks of the Australia & New Zealand Photobook Awards – international exposure!  Here are the tour dates:

1 – 4 April:  Whitecliffe College, Auckland
13 – 20 April: Ilam School of Fine Arts and Music, Christchurch
2 – 3 May: PHOTO 2020 festival, Melbourne
26 – 28 June: Volume Art Book Fair, Sydney
August: Photo Access, Canberra
August: Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga
September: The Maud Street Photo Gallery, Brisbane
28 Nov – 24 Dec: PhotoIreland – The Library Project, Dublin

Exhibition: Amsterdam

On Earth: Imaging, Technology and the Natural World

Kenzie inside a Melting Glacier, Juneau Icefield Research Program, Alaska, 2016 c Lucas Foglia courtesy of the artist
Kenzie inside a Melting Glacier, Juneau Icefield Research Program, Alaska, 2016 (C) Lucas Foglia

The exhibition brings together the work of 27 contemporary artists from around the globe, who are using photography, installations, sculpture, in-game photography and video to explore the relationship between humans and the natural world (which we used to consider ourselves part of). These artists “seek to explore and reunite our technological, socio-economical, spiritual and political connection with the world.”

summer_2014_ 014
2014-10-16 054640 PM 38 56 51 61 N 092 18 54 64 W 00730 (C) Drew Nikonowicz 
AR Chalten VI, 2016 c Adam Jeppesen courtesy of the artist
AR Chalten VI, 2016 (C) Adam Jeppesen
Bird nest c Marten Lange courtesy of the artist
Bird Nest (C) Marten Lange
Progress Vs Sunsets, Re-formulating the Nature Documentary, 2017 full HD one-channel colour with sound, 4820 minutes c Melanie Bonajo courtesy of the artist
Progress Vs Sunsets, Re-formulating the Nature Documentary, 2017 full HD one-channel colour with sound, 4820 minutes (C) Melanie Bonajo
Typical Alpine Flora at the Hochschwab Area
Typical Alpine Flora at the Hochschwab Area (C)Thomas Albdorf

On Earth

Opens 20 March and runs to 10 June at Foam, Keizersgracht 609, Amsterdam

Exhibition: Melbourne

Vintage – Victor Pugatschew

Two times winner of the prestigious international Errázuriz Wine Photographer of the Year Award (2015, 2018) Victorian photographer Victor Pugatschew’s exhibition Vintage captures the passion, handwork and beauty of making wine. I have a personal interest in the wine industry, my great grandfather who came to Australia from Venice in the late 1800s was one of the first to sell wine in Adelaide. For me, these photographs tell a story that extends far beyond a commercial narrative to touch the heart of winemaking as an art and as a lived experience.


The show opens this weekend at Magnet with wine tasting (of course!). This weekend the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is on too, so another good excuse for a tipple.

15 March to 4 April

Magnet SC G19 Wharf Street, The District, Docklands,  Melbourne

Important Resource:

Trailblazers of Light

Photojournalist Yunghi Kim‘s Trailblazers of Light, is a website that features more than 500 women photojournalists dating back to the late 19th century.  This website puts forward a very American perspective (with some European references). It would be wonderful to see the scope broaden to include women photojournalists from other cultures, but it’s a great start and a massive effort by Kim who took it upon herself to put together this archive.

Kim told CNN that there is a “silent generation” of women photojournalists who are often overlooked. Maybe their work was never digitized. Maybe their work is sitting right now in the basements of newspapers, magazines and photo agencies, buried in an archive they can’t access and may never be able to.” Her websiteTrailblazers of Light, goes a long way to filling the gap in the knowledge about the history of photojournalism. 


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