Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – 26 June 2020

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – Australia’s premier photo collective Oculi welcomes nine new members and the exhibition Trump Revolution: Climate Crisis is online at the Bronx Documentary Center. Plus entries close very soon for the new APA Stories competition which celebrates long-form visual storytelling. I’m thrilled to be part of the Stories Committee along with visual journalist Matthew Abbott. Also, if you missed last week’s post, check out the new Photojournalism Now: In Conversation video interview with Robin Hammond.


Oculi celebrates 20th anniversary with 9 new members

Australia’s premier photo collective has doubled its membership with the announcement of nine new members:

Mridula Amin a Dhaka-born Australian photojournalist and reporter based in Sydney. Her work focuses on exploring migration, identity, and global crisis.

Conor Ashleigh a documentary photographer and filmmaker who specialises in community-based collaborations.

​James Bugg a documentary photographer based in Melbourne who works on longterm projects.

Dr Judith Nangala Crispin a poet and photography-based artist working with Lumachrome glass printing, chemigram and cliché verre techniques and roadkill. 

Tajette O’Halloran a Melbourne based photographer whose work is steeped in Australian life, connection to home and her immediate family.

Meg Hewitt a documentary photographer based in Sydney known for her gritty black and white images.

Rachel Mounsey who is based in Victoria and is currently documenting her lived experience of bushfire recovery from within her community of Mallacoota, which was ravaged by fire this year.

Abigail Varney a portrait and documentary photographer based in Melbourne whose interest lies in exploring untold stories that give light to the diversity of Australian life and its multilayered complexities.

And couple Kenton/Davey who embrace their own first-person narratives, exploring a duality of perspective in their collaborative work (no image available).

The appointments follow a “prolonged and exhaustive vetting process,” and are reflective of the diversity of photography in Australia as Dean Sewell, co-founder of Oculi observes. “We are broadening the scope of our coverage through cultural inclusiveness, gender equality and geographic diversity. The new members embrace a broad range of visual styles and approaches.”

Established in 2000, Oculi’s membership has featured numerous prominent photographers over its 20 year history. The new Oculi members represent both established and emerging artists and will join the collective’s founding members Tamara Voninski, Nick Moir, Jeremy Piper and Dean Sewell and current members Alana Holmberg, Matthew Abbott, James Brickwood, George Voulgaropoulos and David Maurice Smith.

Online Exhibition:

Trump Revolution: Climate Crisis

Curated by Exhibition Coordinator Cynthia Rivera and Executive Director Michael Kamber Trump Revolution: Climate Crisis is the second in the Bronx Documentary Center’s series examining the consequences of President Trump’s election including the overturning of decades of American environmental policy, and the profound effects on American society and our planet at large. 

This must-see online exhibition features works by six leading visual journalists whose longterm projects document the impact of the climate crisis. Bryan Thomas’ The Sea in the Darkness Calls examines Florida’s coastal erosion and the impact of rising sea levels. In Chasing Winter Katie Orlinsky looks to Alaska, which scientists label climate change “Ground Zero”. Marcus Yam’s California Burning captures the devastation of increasingly intense bushfire seasons. Stacy Kranitz’s Cancer Alley exposes the health crisis unfolding along a 100-mile, pollution-ridden industrial corridor of the Mississippi River in Louisiana. Joint Carmignac Photojournalism Award winners Kadir van Lohuizen and Yuri Kozyrev’s Arctic: The New Frontier, tells the story of the climate crisis at the Arctic Circle.

Bryan Thomas

Katie Orlinsky

Marcus Yam

Stacy Kranitz

Kadir Van Lohuizen and Yuri Kozyrev

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