Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – 10 September 2021

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – Bangladeshi photo artist Ashfika Rahman’s latest work on adolescent mothers in Dhaka.

Also, this year (2021) award-winning Australian photojournalist Sean Davey and visual artist Aishah Kenton launched the non-profit, Pacific Centre for Photographic Arts (PCPA). The aim of PCPA is to provide “positive and practical experiences in the Arts for people in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia and the Pacific.” One of PCPA’s first projects is working with students in years 9 and 10 at Babinda State School in Cairns, Queensland. Students’ work is on show on the Babinda State School Art Gallery Facebook page.

Plus check out the latest video interview from Everyday Climate Change‘s James Whitlow Delano. In this video the amazing Ed Kashi, a member of VII Photo, one of the creators of the Newest Americans and an award-winning visual storyteller, shares his thoughts on community-led solutions to the climate crisis.

Photo Essay

Adolescent Mothers in Dhaka – Ashfika Rahman

(C) Ashfika Rahman

Ashfika Rahman is a Bangladeshi documentary photographer who works on social justice issues. One of her most recent projects was for MSF and investigates adolescent mothers in Kamrangirchar, a district of Dhaka. Ashfika explains more in this video.

Bangladesh has the highest rate of teen pregnancies in South Asia “with one in ten girls having a child before the age of 15.” Despite the legal age for marriage being 18, the main factor for early teen pregnancy is the continued prevalence of child marriage. Many girls are married when they are barely beyond childhood themselves.

Morbidity rates are high among these young mothers and their infants. Many mothers who survive childbirth live with serious medical conditions, physical and psychological, that go unchecked. MSF is helping those fortunate to attend the clinic, but there are many more who live under the radar.

(C) Ashfika Rahman
(C) Ashfika Rahman
(C) Ashfika Rahman
(C) Ashfika Rahman
(C) Ashfika Rahman

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