Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – 10 December 2021

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – it’s all about punk! Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein’s OG Punk is on show in Vancouver and it’s a knock out exhibition.


OG Punk – Dina Goldstein

Chris (C) Dina Goldstein

There is something about the punk subculture that is truly fascinating. It’s not only the commitment of punks to their hairstyles and costume. It is the rebellion against complacency and political inertia that underlies these radical visages that I find compelling.

The Cretin (C) Dina Goldstein

Pictured are the original (OG) punks from Vancouver and Victoria, Canada, who lived the punk ethos in the 1970s and 1980s. These rebels who wore their politics on their bodies are now ageing and ailing, but still exude the attitude that defined their younger selves.

Wendy (C) Dina Goldstein
Raven (C) Dina Goldstein

Vancouver photographer Dina Goldstein spent the past year photographing these punks in studio. Her portraits convey the personalities of these individuals who appear to have collectively held fast to the ideals of their youth. 

Myles (C) Dina Goldstein

In this series Goldstein’s skill for theatricality and her capacity to convey a complex story in a single frame are on show in a glorious celebration of rebellion, performance and individuality.

At The Polygon, Vancouver until 2 January, 2022

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