Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – 20 March 2020

This week on Photojournalism Now: Friday Round Up – as we face a new reality in the time of the coronavirus COVID-19 visual journalists face a unique opportunity to find ways to tell interesting stories that put a human face to the mounting statistics and news of economic disaster.

This will pass and we will prevail, hopefully with our humanity intact. In the wake of mass panic buying of everything from toilet paper in Australia to guns in the US, which is unfathomable, our very humanness is being tested.

Calm down, pick up a photo book, read a magazine, meditate, breathe and be kind to yourself and others. And don’t forget there are other issues we should keep our eye on – climate change and social injustice aren’t on hold because COVID-19 is all the news services are focused on.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to continue to bring you photographers’ work from around the world. If you would like to submit your stories for consideration please send an email. Photojournalism Now is a labour of love, this is not a money-making venture (I wish!), but a place where we can talk about visual journalism, give voice to photographers who may not be well known and showcase interesting work and important stories.

This week I’m sharing some links to stories I found interesting. There’s been little time to look at photography this week as I work to move 260 university students enrolled in my units to an online teaching format and learn to write and deliver lessons as a virtual lecturer. Challenging times indeed, but fascinating also.

Stay safe out there, stay in touch and stay sane.


Pulitzer Center – New Grant

The Pulitzer Center has announced a new grant for Innovative Coronavirus Reporting Collaborations. The “Coronavirus News Collaboration Challenge” is open to all independent journalists and newsrooms around the world.

“The coronavirus crisis comes at a time of scarce media resources, as state, local, and national governments shut down daily life in an effort to contain the spread of the virus. This unique grant opportunity encourages journalists and newsrooms to find creative ways to work together and share their reporting to educate the public on this fast-moving story. The Pulitzer Center is open to supporting multiple reporting collaborations throughout 2020.” 

Marina Walker Guevara, executive editor of the Pulitzer Center says this crisis, “transcends borders and newsrooms. It challenges journalists to break with traditional models of competition and scooping, and embrace collaboration to better serve their audiences. We are eager to support bold collaborative reporting projects that leverage resources, expertise, and publishing platforms.” 

The grants are being offered on a “rolling basis” throughout this year. Check out the criteria. No project is too small.

Stories worth reading:

The New Yorker – Hannah La Follette Ryan’s Subway Hands

The Anxious Hands of New work’s Subway Riders in the Face of the Coronavirus,” written by Helen Rosner on photographer Hannah La Follette Ryan’s ongoing photo essay on commuters’ hands. You can check out Ryan’s Instagram feed @subwayhands.

(C) Hannah La Follette Ryan
(C) Hannah La Follette Ryan
(C) Hannah La Follette Ryan

Rolling Stone:

Yunghi Kim – New York Subway

Photojournalist Yunghi Kim has always been awed by New York City’s subway. So when the news that the coronavirus would significantly affect it, Yunghi started documenting for hours at a time over three long days in mid-March to see how it was changing.”

(C) Yunghi Kim
(C) Yunghi Kim
(C) Yunghi Kim

Panic at the Cosco by Roger Kisby

(C) Roger Kisby
(C) Roger Kisby

Washington Post

“There’s a massive audience for coronavirus news right now. That might not help the news business” Paul Farhi and Sarah Ellison


“Total annihilation”: Coronavirus may just be the end for many alt-weeklies” Joshua Benton 


As you would be aware, most if not all galleries have closed their doors. Last week I wrote about Foam’s new show, On Earth, which is now…online at Foam at Home. Foam is also offering 30-day free access to its digital magazine archive.



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